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Untamed Chaos

A Parent's Guide to Improving Communication, Resolving Conflict and Restoring Peace in Your Home

Are you living on the frontlines of chaos in your home? Are you ready to learn the tools to navigate to a place of peace and tranquility … where you can think clearly, feel kindly, and want to share space with your children? In Untamed Chaos: A Parent’s Guide to Improving Communication, Resolving Conflict, and Restoring Peace in Your Home, Dr. Teri Rouse shares REAL Peaceful Parenting, her proven framework to help families cultivate the resilience to weather the storms; become empowered to make best choices; help children build autonomy; and foster better communication and conflict-resolution to improve quality of family life. If the stakes are high, if the lives of the people you love are on the line, the time is now for you to implement Dr. Teri’s REAL Peaceful Parenting techniques.