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Kick chaos to the curb! Improve communication, calmly resolve conflicts, and create peace in your home!

Early & Behavior Interventionist | Autism & Reading Specialist | Educational Coach & Consultant | International Speaker | International Multiple Best-Selling Author | Creator of REAL Peaceful Parenting Framework & Snuggle Bunny Story Book Club

Your family is worthy of peace and harmony, happiness and success.


Hi, I’m Dr. Teri, an early and behavior interventionist, reading and autism specialist, international speaker, international best-selling author, educational coach and consultant, AND the creator of Snuggle Bunny Book Club, the REAL Peaceful Parenting Framework, and the Braver Than You Believe Blueprint.  Over the last 30 years I worked with  children pre-K through higher education and their families to restore peace in their homes. 

Through my own life experiences, a love of learning and a passion for helping families, I have a mission to empower parents to restore peace in their home through a variety of techniques and strategies. I’ve dedicated my career to making a positive impact on children, parents, and educators.

Snuggle Bunny Book Club

Give your children the one thing they want the most...your positive attention.

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"Dr. Teri transformed our lives. We were in survival, reacting not responding. She showed us simple ways to strengthen our connection with our children."

Bill & Jean m.

"When we found Dr. Teri we felt like we were completely failing our children. How could it have gotten this bad & how can we ever come back from it. But we did & now our relationships are stronger than ever!"

Jill & Tom d.

"We never imagined we would have two neurodivergent kids & had no idea the strain parenting would put on our marriage. Dr. Teri gave us tools to restore peace in our home."

Mary & Trent p.

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Kick chaos to the curb, spend quality time with your children, improve communication, calmly resolve conflicts, and create peace in your home!