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3 Biggest Post COVID Challenges You Face as a Parent

The 3 biggest challenges facing you today in a post-COVID world and how to use new, breakthrough parenting strategies to control your life and your family

How to ENJOY Going Out In Public AGAIN

How to cast a vision for your family, where you enjoy going out in public, never fear a public meltdown and everyone can be free to be themselves again

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About Your Presenter:

Yes, I've taught pre-K through 8th grade, special education classes and early intervention classes for 20 years.  I've also taught teachers how to teach special education for the last 17 years at the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Yes, I have a Doctorate in Special Education, an International Autism Specialist Certification as well as Applied Behavior Analysis endorsement.

And you wouldn't want or expect anything less when it comes to helping you and your family in trying situations.

However, what's really important is that beyond my personal background, on top of my training, professional credentials, books I've written, national publications, TV, and cable networks I've been seen on...

I’ve worked with all kinds of kids, in all kinds of places and achieved REAL results for both the kids and their families.

And in the end, after everything is said and done, you're looking for someone to help you to achieve a result so that you can have a peaceful family that you can enjoy and a happy and successful child that is capable of prospering on their own.

I'm here to help you get just that.

Dr Teri Rouse

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