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It’s time to kick chaos to the curb, improve communication, resolve conflict, restore peace in your home with the REAL Peaceful Parenting Framework and Coaching

Jumpstart your journey a peaceful life with Untamed Chaos:  A Parent’s Guide to Improving Communication, Resolving Conflict and Restoring Peace in Your Home.

Below are some of the many ways Dr. Teri can support you & your family.

REAL Peaceful Parenting Framework

The REAL Peaceful Parenting Framework is a comprehensive system crafted to empower families to cultivate resilience, make empowered choices, nurture children's autonomy, improve communication and resolve conflicts more calmly, restoring peace in the home.  It serves as a versatile toolbox brimming with easy-to-implement tips, techniques, and strategies, equipping parents and children alike with the resources needed to navigate life's challenges with confidence, grace, and dignity. Through the application of these transformative principles, families can forge stronger bonds, foster deeper connections, and create harmonious environments where love and understanding flourish.

Braver Than You Believe

The "Braver Than You Believe Blueprint" stands as a transformative framework tailored for young adults, crafted to guide and empower them in overcoming fear and worry while nurturing confidence and uncovering inner strength. With its practical strategies and insightful guidance, this blueprint provides individuals with the essential tools to navigate challenges, embrace vulnerability, and foster resilience on their path to self-discovery and personal growth.

Snuggle Bunny Book Club

Snuggle Bunny Book Club offers an opportunity for families to bond over books, creating memories that will last a lifetime with a weekly subscription that includes hand-picked, engaging books, accompanied by audio visual content. This provides a fun and educational escape and gives opportunity for families to cuddle up together and enjoy a good book.

Foster closeness & positive connection  with your children

A weekly subscription of carefully curated books to support and foster closeness and positive connection between you and your children.

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Kick chaos to the curb, spend quality time with your children, improve communication, resolve conflicts calmly, create peace in your home!