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Dr Teri Rouse EdD

Why Choose Courses From Dr Teri?

Proven Results From A Life Long Teacher

Dr. Teri began her teaching career long before she ever went off to college. 

She started as a swimming instructor at the local pool, working with children and adults as well as people with special needs. 

Dr. Teri Rouse earned her Doctorate in Education for Arcadia University. She is a Certified Autism Specialist and received her Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) endorsement from Penn State.

She is the Managing Director of KIDS Interventions & Direct Services UBO,  which provides direct services to children, their parents as well as background and support for classroom teachers.

She is married to Dr. Fred Rouse PhD, CFP,  a mother,  as well as a dog mom!  She can often be found in the yard working in the garden or down the shore with her toes in the sand.

 If you would like to learn more about Dr. Teri Rouse and how she could help you, or your child you can contact her by clicking the button below:

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Braver then You Believe: Fearless Empowerment and  Confidence Success System

You will discover how to empower yourself so that you can do what it is that you want to do and how you want to do it…and where you want to do it..

Calm seas Covid program

20 Tools To Overcome Social Emotional Academic Stresses

Quick Ways To Help Your Children  Socially and Emotionally so They Can Achieve Academic Success During Challenging Times

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It's Never Too Late To Change The Course Of Your Life

Focus On Today And The Future

What am I doing TODAY that is bring me joy, success and satisfaction.  

(Something to remember…you are not always going to experience the same levels of joy, happiness and success).

Some days will be better than others…but ALWAYS look for the good!!  You WILL find it if you look for it.


Love Yourself

Your past can either be a tool for learning or it can haunt you into depression.    It may be keeping you from recognizing your worth and your full potential.


Change Your Mind About YOU

Love yourself for who you are and for who you desire to become.   From what you do, to the people that you spend time with, to the expectations that you have of yourself.


Begin The Healing Process

Forgive yourself and those around you. 

Focus on the today and the future, NOT the past.  What am I doing TODAY that is bring me joy, success and satisfaction. 


Stay Positive!

Be positive.  When you think positively, you can see positively. Change your mind about yourself. Think about the good things in your life…FIND them!!!  Positive attracts positive!



 Formerly Struggling Mother 

“Thanks Dr. Teri for the 3 big tips.  They have made a world of difference for Grace and her brothers.  We have given the children the opportunity to make some basic decisions about what hey want to wear and we are no longer sweating the fact that sometimes…their clothes don’t match.  The idea of accepting the consequences has been the biggest change for all of the kids but now they understand exactly what this means! “

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